50 books that will change your life

50 books that will change your life

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Was the title of the list posted on World Book Day last week! I have actually only read 26 of them – though with a lot, the reason for not yet reading them is that they’re YA fiction published after I was originally at that stage, I suppose, so it takes longer for me to get to them. “Change your life” is a big goal – I have actually had a couple of those recommended to me with that suggestion – one was The Fault in Our Stars which got me re-reading a lot of YA fiction, so maybe that counts? The other was The Life of Pi, which definitely did not change my life!! A book that has though, I think, is The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, my favourite book.

I think the strategy is interesting – categorising books by what emotion they’ll provoke, which is a slightly different approach. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for something weepy (The Time Traveller’s Wife) and sometimes you want something inspirational (The Sparrow) and sometimes you just want plain old entertaining (The Hunger Games, Twilight).

How many have you read? Are there any on the list you’ve been meaning to get around to?

50 books to change your life


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