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After having her first son, Jeanette finds herself starting to struggle. But it isn’t her son that’s worrying her; it’s the mysterious shadows that seem to bring illness in their wake, and which only she can see.

Balancing Act (The Chronology Protection Agency)

Jefferson Murphy is bright, ambitious and, between him and his ex-commanding officer, more than a little bit arrogant. Joining the Chronology Protection Agency, he is confident that he can handle whatever his first day throws at him. Since coming back onto active duty after a personal tragedy, Ruaina Laing just wants to get on with the job that she’s always wanted to do and prove that she’s still up to the challenge. She emphatically does not want a new partner, and Jefferson is definitely not a contender, fresh out of training with an act-first-think-later approach disdaining the analytical skills on which she has built her career.

When the two are put together to investigate the case of a lawyer unaware of his time-stream disturbance, neither thinks it will be a complex case but it quickly becomes clear there’s a new player in town determined to manipulate time for his own profit. Soon, the pair are forced to rely on one another to keep time protected and keep themselves in the right time.

Maisie’s Butterfly

Six year old Maisie has always loved painting. She loves the feel of the paint and the pictures she can make: her paints are her prize possessions. Then one day, something unexpected happens, and Maisie’s paintings become more than just pictures on the page.

The Painted Man

When does body art change from being self-expression, to becoming self-deception?

Blank for your own Message

There’s always been something a little peculiar about the card shop tucked away at the end of the high street. Rumour has it that if you buy from there, you won’t always get what you were looking for – and sometimes, you will get what you didn’t even know you wanted.

The Ambivalent Bellatrist 

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Startling Sci-Fi: New Tales of the Beyond