Better self-talk

Better self-talk

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It’s important to think about how you’re treating yourself – so much is often said about treating others well, which is obviously important, but it’s just as important (maybe more so?) to treat yourself kindly as well.

Jim Rohn says “I’ll take care of me for you, and you take care of you for me.” Rather than advocating self-sacrifice, look after yourself so that you’re in a better position to look after others.

It’s especially important when you’re trying to get so much done, as I was reminded this week. When trying to get some building work sorted with the  new house, organise a workshop so we can start doing some DIY, getting my school work done, getting fit and healthy, writing for a competition entry this weekend, doing the mundane household tasks of cooking, shopping, cleaning, improving my eating habits, trying to get better at teaching, and trying to find time to start a new website, how does it all fit in?!

When you look at someone who’s successful that’s often all they do.

As I was reminded this week Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been Mr Olympia, but he was in the gym 8 hours a day and everything he did built up to that. When he moved onto films, he retired from bodybuilding – he didn’t keep the two going together. When Richard Branson gets a company up and running, he hands over to a manager and moves on – I’m sure he still pays attention but he doesn’t personally run them all.

To be successful, do you have to focus entirely on one thing? Or accept that there will be a slower rate of progress because you’re dividing your attention? That acceptance is the important thing if you are going to split your focus – there’s no way to do everything all at once to the best possible standard. It’s not an excuse to let things go, because you can do things to the best of your ability in the circumstances you’re working with. But being gentle and accepting, if you honestly are doing your best, is essential.

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