Drama/poetry pre-1900 – over 60 sample questions

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The below pdf includes over 60 example questions for the OCR A-Level paper on poetry and drama pre-1900, specifically the poetry/drama question. Although my students are studying Christina Rossetti and the Duchess of Malfi, I’ve formatted this so it’s in the form of statemetn/question which could be applied to any comparative texts.

OCR A Level essay questions 2017



How to memorise quotes for English Literature exams

Reading Time: 5 minutes Download this post as a pdf Go through your exercise book and gather quotes It’s the best revision resource you have! Look back through your notes and essays. Make a list of the quotes you’ve used often – there’s a reason you keep coming back to them. Little and often Choose five or six at a time to work on. Trying to memorize too many will be difficult and you’re likely to get them mixed up. You won’t be able to learn 100 quotes in an afternoon – so start early, choose your list, and work through them gradually. Keep …

Christina Rossetti’s Soeur Louise de la Misericord – Analysis

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you find this helpful check out my full Rossetti revision guide Soeur Louise: does desire destroy her, or does ageing destroy her desire? This is quite a tricky poem from Rossetti – partly, because she’s chosen a real person for her speaker, and partly The Duchess de Valliere – Soeur Louisebecause it’s not always clear whether or not desire is a terrible thing. It’s easy to think it is at first – “vanity of vanities”, burning life and love, leaving the garden a “barren mire” – ouch! But there’s also something there about not being able to feel desire …