Gathering ideas – Earth Songs

Gathering ideas – Earth Songs

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Sing me a song. A song of beauty and starlight, a song that echoes through the universe and bounces off the stars, a song that haunts the shadows of the forests and revels in the midnight heat of the deserts. sing to me of the eternity of the mountains, the fleeting life of the dragonfly – is it endless to the creature in its midst? If we feel the mountains last for ever, are we as mountains to the mayfly that flits above the water for but a day?

Sing me a melody of the water gushing from the earth, rustling, rattling, gurgling, shuffling, gushing to the seas. Sing me the harmony of the trees, the creak of the trunks in the wind, the hush-brush of leafy canopy, the pitter-tap of creatures’ feet on bark. Let us both sing of the animals of the sea, sky and land, imagine the beauty of the snow-leopard, horse, ape, and the beautiful ugliness of the bullfrog, goliath beetle.

Sing to me not of discord, of the torments and trials of man’s struggle to shape this natural world to his own purposes, of the holes in the sky and the scars of the land. Sing of man’s triumphs: of the conquering of mountains, the delving into ocean deeps, the discovery and hope and ambition of exploration. Sing to me of the unexplored corners, waiting to be found.



Mslexia’s next submission theme is Earth Songs – – why don’t you give it a try? Let me know how you get on!

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