Happiness project week 11

Happiness project week 11

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Things that have made me happy this week:

Feeling good after a gym workout

Date night at our usual place with a good atmosphere

Rediscovering Whose Line is it Anyway? and laughing a lot

Discovering Drew Carey’s similar stage show


Some fascinating discussions with students about their coursework – so interesting. Can I do my studies again, please?

Confidence boosting conversations with colleagues, feeling valued at work

Taking some of the pressure off my expectations and feeling a lot lighter for it

Wearing a red fifties dress and sparkly red shoes for Comic Relief!

Around 10 “no place like home” comments for said shows.

My mum liking her Mother’s Day present  especially as it was something a bit more unusual.

Buying presents for people! I do love doing it 🙂 I like shopping for others and knowing they’ll like what I’ve chosen for them.

Seeing my brother and two sisters over lunch

Finally getting some of our family together pre-wedding to get to know each other a little bit. I always really liked that my grandmothers really knew each other and got on well – distance always makes this a bit trickier, but I’m hopeful we can have a good extended family too!

Catching up a little bit on work on Sunday…still a way to go but feeling so much more organised

Starting to plan the Easter holiday – two weeks off!


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