Happiness project week 12

Happiness project week 12

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looking out across the dales from my classroom and thinking. How beautiful it is where I work.

Getting my car serviced so I feel confident in it

Sick day (odd I know but the downtime was a well needed relief!)

A student telling me how confident they felt in my lessons

Energising meeting about a project in working on

The proofs of the anthology which is publishing my short story in May

The weather becoming more sunny

Snowdrops and crocuses coming out at work

Helping a colleague

Finishing another book and ordering the next in the series

It arriving!

Walking to and from the train to work and not feeling out of breath.

Good gymming!

Mary Doria Russell’s new book arriving, the sequel to Doc Holliday

Thea Gilmore announcing a new album

Visiting family

Going to the theatre to see the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime


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