Happiness project Week 13

Happiness project Week 13

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Brilliant things this week

Promotion! One I’ve worked really hard for, so am very excited about starting that new job in September


Tulips all around our house – much more springlike than the weather outside

Buds starting on the cherry and magnolia trees – you can start to see they’ll blossom soon

Dinner with colleagues, and some really nice conversation

A successful work week

Reading The Silver Sword

Starting the next Cazalet book

The Easter holidays! Two weeks of unscheduled time ahead including catching up with family for a longer time 🙂

A lie in

More papering in the hallway – it’s now *really* nice to walk downstairs and see it all bright and clean. A bit of technical stuff to sort out before we can get up the stairs though!

Comedy on tv

Watching Challenge Anneka – remember that? It wasn’t one of the most spectacular but enjoyable all the same!

Starting to watch Game of Thrones s4 now it’s on DVD


What do you think?

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