Happiness project: Week 15

Happiness project: Week 15

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I missed a week! In the rush of Easter holidays activities and relaxing!

– Getting all my coursework finished marking early on so I could enjoy the rest of the holiday
– Starting to think about planning new courses for September (not putting anything on paper but at least having a think!)
– Getting some more decorating done
– Chocolate
– Lots of Dan time
– five days at home with family
– Walking the dog every day – building up my step count again!
– Shopping with my mum
– Lots of chatting time with family
– My mum’s birthday, buying good presents
– Going for birthday diner
– Lots of birthday bubbles!
– Reading
– Beautiful weather in the second week
– A really welcome lie in
– Finding the perfect jacket to go with my 1950s style dresses
– Getting all prepped for work in plenty of time
– Rereading Romeo and Juliet
– Birthday cake
– Coming home to find the magnolia tree blossoming
– Making fabric flowers for our wedding
– More wedding planning progress
– The brightness walking into our house

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