Happiness Project: Week 16

Happiness Project: Week 16

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Week 16 already? Where on earth is the year going!? There’s been a lot of good stuff going on this week, but I’m starting to feel more anxious about general to do list stuff so this list of brilliance helps immensely!


– Finally reaching the top of the stairs in our quest to get the hallway papered (with lining! Still got ALL the painting to go!)
– Some brilliant focus in Y10 on Romeo and Juliet and really sparky comments
– Creating an awesome marking sheet that gets my class set done in about an hour. Amazing.
– Long phone call with my sister
– Speaking to my brother on his birthday
– Getting my sister’s birthday present sorted
– Seeing Dan’s parents and going for lunch with them. Need to see them more often though!
– My wedding dress has arrived!!! OMG this should absolutely be first. I can’t take it home until it’s fitted but I am TOTALLY going to visit it soon.
– The glorious sunshine this week and weekend
– Sunday weight workout
– Sticking to meal plans
– Brilliant evening out with colleague discussing all sorts of exciting developments, and teaching!
– A weekend on top of my school work
– The magnolia tree blossoming in our garden
– Being reminded of how amazing our workshop is, and how fab it is that we can build things like that.
– Starting to plan for next academic year

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