Happiness Project: Week 17

Happiness Project: Week 17

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— Purposeful Y12 lesson, really focused
– Y10’s sparky response to R&J
– The cherry tree at school which seems to have blossomed over the weekend!
– Seeing how quickly the new building’s going on
– Very tasty tikka salmon dinner
– Watching tv with Dan
– Keeping up to date with work
– Moderation day – hard work but good to spend with colleagues
– Date night
– Seeing the Avengers: Age of Ultron
– Keeping eating healthily and feeling good about it!
– Finishing the Cazalet saga
– Starting Doc by Mary Doria Russell before reading her new book Epitaph
– Getting the bedroom door back on finally! It’ll be painted soon and everything
– Making a really thorough to do list
– A brilliant set of Tennyson essays from sixth form, really enjoyable reading.
– A wonderfully sunny week! It’s been glorious weather for ages.
– The garden starting to look amazing again. Overgrown, but amazing 🙂
– Getting some responses from bands for the wedding. 2015-04-26 11.25.28 2015-04-26 11.25.36 2015-04-26 11.26.37 2015-04-26 11.26.27








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