Happiness project week 2

Happiness project week 2

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Things that have made me happy this week:

* Some brilliant work done by students
* Finishing reading Little Women – rereading as an adult, learning loads of inspiring ideas about relationships from Marmee and Jo’s advice!
* Seeing some students from last year who are loving university.
* Starting to read Light Years by Elizabeth Jane Howard – I’ve got the next two to come after that as well!
* Wearing some of my new dresses to work, and loving the compliments from staff
* Wearing a new necklace to work and loving the compliments from students!
* Friday night date night 🙂 The first date night since before Christmas
* Going to the gym for the first time since December
* Speaking to my sister on the phone for nearly an hour
* Watching three of the Harry Potter films from Dan’s Christmas box-set
* More sorting and organising of the study and small room!




Think I should try to take some photographs

What do you think?

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