Happiness project week 20

Happiness project week 20

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Every week I’m astonished by how quickly the year is flying by! And it’s just 12 weeks until we get married!! Which is both thrilling and a little stressful in equal measure. You just so badly want everyone to have a really fun time -but I am really enjoying the planning stages, even if I sometimes have to remind myself that people will have fun, because they love us!

Anyway, this week has been pretty cool in itself, as well .

– Some lovely Y13 cards as they left
– Dan’s birthday – great presents and reception of presents!
– Dan’s birthday cake also went down very wel
– Shopping in Leeds, including for Dan’s suit. Not quite decided but pretty much there, I think
– A full undercoat of paint on the hallway – when it’s dry it’s decision time: another, or moving onto colour!?
– Getting some brilliant development work done at school, making the most of time gained from exam classes leaving
– A night out in Leeds with colleagues – need to do that more often as well!
– A great new haircut and colour – she really nailed it this time. I’ll never quite be able to style it the same! The change from purplish to reddish is good too.
– Dan has two old TVs for his retro gaming weekend. Just 6 to go, apparently šŸ˜‰
– Fab year 10s really getting into Romeo and Juliet. And not just because of DiCaprio!
– I love our house.
– Working hard at the gym
– Arranging half-term visiting plans

What do you think?

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