Happiness Project Week 3

Happiness Project Week 3

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Awesome things this week….or quietly brilliant
* Working on our wedding invitations
* Nails growing! with additional sparkle 😉
* Keeping up to date with all my work – Friday arrives and still feel unstressed
* Wearing another January sales dress to work and getting compliments
* Wearing a Christmas necklace (locket from my sister) and being asked about it
* feeling valued at work
* More effort at texting friends…some way to go, I know Im rubbish at this but am working on it
* Reaching Friday up to date with work so having a school-free weekend!
* Taking my car into the garage and getting it fixed for just £12 – an absolute record and a relief
* Trying on wedding rings with my fiance
* Costa coffee and chocolate Brownie in Leeds after said trying on!
*  My new wall planner, now filled in for our plans so far through the year
* Beginning to write something, despite how hard it is
* A bit of fabric, cardboard and a glue gun – a lovely new desk organiser
* Gymming twice this week
* Booking our honeymoon for August





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