Happiness Project Week 4

Happiness Project Week 4

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Brilliant things this week……

* Coming home to a warm hug after a stressful journey
* Being reminded that I am generally a very competent person, lucky in my life, and can therefore cope with many many things
* Phone call from a friend to tell me how awesomely confident she is 🙂
* Giving a successful birthday present from LiteraryEmporium – I LOVE their stuff, very cool.
* Starting to write a poem
* Watching the Blogcademy guide to blogging!
* stripping the wallpaper from our hallway so we can move onto lining and painting it! It’s a house with a lot of decorating to do so can feel overwhelming but we really made great progress on it today
* A Great run of films bought for Christmas including Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z, About Time which were all brilliant and I’d only seen about time before. Love the sci-fi theme!
* Great training for new A level spec from OCR. Am really interesting stuff and enjoyed the change of pace
* Watching this video on kick starting creativity then following it through into some writing.
* Hitting my gym goal for the third week running!
* Starting to feel fitter, an definitely making progress in what I can actually do at said gym!
* A work-free weekend with some cool stuff done  – and not feeling way behind either!
* Getting a date for my hen party from my bridesmaids!
* Writing our wedding invitations – crazy but cool.



LiteraryEmporium necklace


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