Happiness project – week 5

Happiness project – week 5

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 Things that have made me happy this week:

  • Getting my car fixed and back on the road
  • A really great y10 class Hard work and putting myself forward paying off
  • Enjoying where I work
  • Snow! So pretty even though there’s no snow day 🙂
  • Starting to re watch Buffy again
  • Still enjoying wearing my January sales dresses!
  • Sorting out my wardrobe so it’s tidy and organised – I found things I’d forgotten I had…oops!
  • Getting all the textured wallpaper off the ceiling in the hallway and feeling like we’re making real progress on it.
  • Rowing 1000m in 4.44minutes!
  • Then cutting another 10s off the time in the next session
  • Being completely planned and prepared for the week ahead
  • Making my birthday cake ready for tomorrow
  • Building excitement for my birthday 🙂
  • Getting paid! January is a loo00ng month!
  • Being given some lovely daffodils by a colleague. The small things make a big difference
  • The glorious blue sky on Sunday. Everything feels better when the sun shines
  • Feeling like spring is actually not too far away – snowdrops are starting to come out at work
  • The one hopeful little rose that has decided to bloom early in our garden2015-01-31 09.29.46

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