Happiness Project – week 6

Happiness Project – week 6

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Things that made me happy this week:


My birthday!! That really took over the entire week in a brilliant way  and I was so grateful and thrilled by all the people who wished me happy birthday and brought me presents, cards etc so really my list this week is a little same-y!


Birthday dinner at TGI Friday with my wonderful fiancé
Said wonderful fiancé making a huge effort with my birthday and making me feel very special indeed
Friends on Facebook saying hello
Brilliant faculty who really know how to do birthdays in style!
Two birthday cakes 🙂
My littlest sister making baked goods for us all at the weekend
Visiting my mum and family at the weekend
Meeting brother/sister’s new(ish) partners and really liking both of them
How well we all got on
Brilliant dinner on Saturday night with family
Playing games (Carcassonne) with family
Dresses! (A huge theme of the weeks so far this year!)
A chill-out weekend with no work
Finishing all the drafting of coursework – now just to get it all in!
Feeling valued

What do you think?

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