Happiness Project – week 7

Happiness Project – week 7

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Brilliant and happy things this week:

Being asked to be my best friend’s bridesmaid when she gets married – so the pressure’s on to give her an awesome day on my wedding so she doesn’t give me some hideous revenge dress 😉

Having my hair cut and coloured; always makes me feel good.

Finally going to the craft fabric shop in Saltaire which it turns out is a fabric lover’s heaven and I predict a woeful amount of spending there on my part. Plus had a really nice conversation with the owner, a very friendly lady

Buying fabric for diy plans!

Realising my gym programme is having an impact; it might be small but it’s sustainable and long-term. I need to learn patience, and to listen to what the numbers are telling me rather than my self-esteem.

Not getting out of breath walking up the massive hill on the way home.

Dan’s brilliant work on the hallway – another step closer to colour choices!

A (fingers crossed) quick response from my insurance company about my car damage.. Hopefully this will also feature in next week’s list

A lovely message on our brand new white boards from Dan when I got home

Finishing the second season of Angel during our Buffy/Angel rewatch.

Our brand new white boards!! Half the study wall is now covered with two huge ones, and it’s brilliant. I can make all kinds of lists and noes, and my head feels so much emptier and more organised (which is a good thing – mental to do lists aren’t!)

Half term! Looking forward to a few days off and having some relaxation time


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