Happiness Project – week 8

Happiness Project – week 8

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Half term! Although it didn’t quite go as originally planned….having a few days off with some relaxation time was nice.


* Buying a replacement car, ending the stress of worrying what to do about it!
* Lunch out during half term – yummy hot chocolate in several places 😉
* Progress on the hallway – sanded all the wood down. Nearly ready to line it now!
* Getting wedding invitations addressed with the extra bits and pieces done. Just printing and folding left 🙂
* Having a thorough clean and tidy of the house – so much nicer when everything’s sorted and clear, just takes s much practice to keep it that way
* Practicing some wedding craft
* Getting all my work finished so I can have a few days’ genuine holiday
* Reading fiction with a coffee in my dressing gown in the morning
* Practicing some resilience on a couple of difficult days
* Watching films with Dan in the evening  – Avengers Assemble continues to be a great film, as is Independence Day
* Listening to Miranda Lambert’s Platinum album on repeat, especially when DIYing.

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