Happiness Project – week 9

Happiness Project – week 9

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Things that have been brilliant this week: 

– Starting to wallpaper the hallway – it’s a bit slow progress but it’s nice to see that there IS progress being made.
– Dying a dress which came out a gorgeous blue colour – RitDye have a BRILLIANT service where you email them a colour picture and they send you the combination to use to get the colour you want. They replied within a couple of hours; the dress below is 3 teaspoons Evening Blue and 1 1/2 teaspoons Kelly Green in the washing machine. Amazing!
– Really productive and enthusing meeting at work
– Have met my gym target for January/February = and have a programme meeting planned tomorrow for the next steps!
– Finishing, addressing and ready to send wedding invitations 🙂
– Picking up my new to me car after the accident a couple of weeks ago; this one is prettier and less mileage plus the guy at the second hand place seems really nice and went beyond the norm, cleaning and valeting, and even replacing the hubcaps because they looked a bit shabby.
– Confirming the wedding dinner – I do love that all these things are starting to come together!
– A couple of days coming home and thinking: yes, I really DO enjoy my job, and having had a few really good lessons.
– The enthusiasm of some of my classes for what we were doing
– Daffodils in the new vase in our living room
– Making use of the white boards in our study
– A good looking day
– Feeling healthier most of the time now
– Supporting my fiancé in making positive career decisions
– Reading the third Cazalet book
– Watching Thor 2 and Captain America: Winter Soldier




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