How to find your golden time: Writing diary #writingday4

How to find your golden time: Writing diary #writingday4

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Some days are much slower than others!

for my own habits, I need to get started writing earlier in the evening – sometimes easier said than done with my day job. Today it was half past nine, which is a bit late really after an evening of work before that.

Know when to write

It’s really important to know your routine: do you write best in the morning or evening? Are there some activities that are so mentally draining that you can’t write after them but really just need to recharge and then think again?

If you’re struggling, try tracking your writing time and your word count; it’s a rough and ready track that doesn’t take into account some nuance (like whether those words end up in your final raft!) but can help you pinpoint when you’re at your creative best. Then, like me, you need to work on how to get yourself that writing slot in that time so you can do the best you can.

Write anything

Even if you can’t get into the routine, then write something – anything. Pick a topic and scribble some images that can later become a poem or short story, or write a journal entry. Something to keep the momentum of writing going – and creative writing, not report or everyday business writing you might be doing elsewhere. Even if you only have ten minutes and can’t get into the next scene of your epic, scrawl some phrases on the back of a napkin that later you can turn into a description.


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