Interview with my cover designer!

Interview with my cover designer!

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Balancing Act Cover MEDIUM

This has been really exciting – for my new novella, I’ve decided to get the cover done by someone professional rather than doing it myself, as I’ve done for my previous short stories. I’ve really enjoyed the process, and had found Jane a very reliable, professional person to work with who’s done some great work for me!  Her website is and you can see some of the previous covers she’s done.

The novella itself is currently being processed by the KDP system and will be available early this week – another post will definitely announce its arrival!

I wanted to get someone else to do the cover because design really isn’t my forte – I quite like the story covers, but they aren’t as professional looking as I would like because my taste outstrips my ability, and though I put in hours and hours of work, I think that time is better spent doing what I am good at – writing stories.

Plus, this novella is more of an experiment to see how well I can do on Kindle publishing, and I want to give it the best possible chance. It’s like sending it out into the world – would I want it in everyday jeans and a t-shirt, no makeup and three day old hair? No – I want it dressed to impress and ready to rock.

There’s an interview with Jane here which explains really clearly and interestingly the process of designing a cover:

Fenella Miller: Jane Dixon-Smith talks about cover design..

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