Reasons why teaching is awesome

Reasons why teaching is awesome

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1. You get to spend LITERALLY all day talking about books and stories which is basically what makes us human , creates relationships, consciousness, and empathy. It’s the thing that makes us amazing

2. You get to make young people confident. In a way that you weren’t at their age and still aren’t, really, and maybe they’re faking it too but goddamn they can argue their point well

3. You spend your day with intelligent thoughtful people who always challenge you. Staff and students. Who ask ‘whys Macbeth worried about legacy? Or ‘do you know whether that’s from the Latin or the Greek??

4. You read things you’d wish you’d written because it’s so good. Like the fairytale about the woman from the sea or the panic attack leading to hiding in the antique store or the monster roaming through the forest.

5. The laughter. Because someone fell of their chair or made a pun or a face or simply stood in front of you staring until you had nothing to do but laugh

6. You help people get better. Maybe they don’t care in the long long run or maybe it’s just one of ten qualifications after all, but when they leave at the end of he year they’re better at what you do than when they walked in your door and not just because they’re a year older

7. You work in a community with events and activities and fundraising and forms and years and classes who all have different bonds in different ways, but you’re a part of all of them.

8. Your brain is challenged because there’s always something new to learn from students, staff or the subject you teach and there’s never a point where you think ‘this is all I’m ever going to do’

9. The intensity of life is incredible when you’re surrounded by teenagers and although you don’t want to quite live at that tempo when everything feels like the first time, you continue to feel everything through that lens and everything has an additional intensity to it

10. Your work friends love what you love and they’re passionate about your subject and about what you do, and they teach you something everyday and make you laugh while they’re doing it.

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