Why I don’t write #6: Because it’s a blank page

Why I don’t write #6: Because it’s a blank page

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There’s maybe nothing as intimidating as a screen o white, or a page with nothing but rows and rows of blank lines. But then again, shouldn’t there be nothing as exciting as these possibilities ?I’s all a question of perception, the old half-full-half-empty dilemma, which is all about interpretation. There’s nothing good or bad without thinking makes it so, and sometimes my thinking is my biggest barrier.

Worries crowd out creative thought – but you can’t put off writing until the creative faucet hits, because you’ll find that soon there’s just something else to worry about instead. Writing needs to become a force of habit, and there’s a lot of ways to try to recreate that, but there’s some pretty strong barriers, too.

Building a habit is difficult – it needs to become so automatic that you’d never think about not doing it. Like the way it might feel weird to go to bed without brushing your teeth, or to go downstairs without making the bed- something you do without even really thinking about it even.

Making yourself it down and write like that seems like an amazing habit to build but the question is: how? Well, reading about the art of creating habits, there seem to  be some keys that can be duplicated but it’s getting started on that which is crucial. Writing at the same time, same place everyday seem to be high on the list, but then if you’re unreliably in the same place, is that making it too difficult? What about something more fluid like when you get home. And then there’s the ten-second rule – when starting a habit which needs additional motivation, then reducing the trigger to ten seconds or so can be a really big help. Struggling to go to the gym? Leave the kit in the boot so you don’t have to go via home  can just go straight there. Trying to not eat sweets? Put them somewhere away from where you normally eat them – a bedroom cupboard, or dining room storage. Not the kitchen, or living room if that’s where you snack. Make desired habits easy, and disliked ones hard.


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