Writing and podcasting – poetry analysis tutorials

Writing and podcasting – poetry analysis tutorials

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Something I’ve been doing a fair bit of lately is poetry analysis – some I’ve posted here, some has been at school, and then there’s this little exciting project:


AudioPi is a site that has podcasts for students studying A-Level and GCSE English, and History. They’re building up the site but already have modules on a range of texts for the new syllabi. I’m writing the GCSE Poetry Anthology collection – each podcast deals with either a single poem or a pair of poems, and then there’s some at the end of the course which explore how to use this knowledge in an exam.

Writing a podcast is quite a different skill that I’m enjoying trying out! It has to be analytical, obviously, and academic, because they’re aiming at high achievers. But at the same time, it has to bear in mind that this is something to listen to o n your own, with perhaps limited familiarity with the poem or how to approach poetry. So it has to be concise, but clarity is crucial.

Each podcast is around 8-10 minutes long, and there’s an audio recording of the poems as well. I think I’ll be using the Never Let Me Go series when I get to teaching that next year – a really quick, easy way into the novel!

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