Writing diary – day 15

Writing diary – day 15

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Trying to juggle home, writing and work life is a tricky thing – despite all the goal setting, the trying to find your ideal writing time and so n, the honest truth is: it’s just plain hard.

This week, for example, is a fairly average week but I’ve still only managed to actually sit down and write for an hour and  a half, today.

There’s lots of reasons why – there’s all sorts of other claims on my time, and other things take priority in some cases because there are actual real-life consequences for not getting them done. Whereas the real-life consequence of my not writing? Very little, really. The truth for a non-professional writer is that frankly nobody really cares if you don’t write. Nobody complains that your book won’t be realised until 2016, as was the case with George  R R Martin this morning. In fact sometimes people are actually perhaps pleased – not in a cruel way, because they mean well, but they’re almost relieved that you’re prioritising something else like work or decorating, which they see as more important.

But the thing is, the lesson I keep having to try to learn over and over because it’s not quite there yet, is that there is a real-life cost to not sitting down and getting on with it – I don’t write. I don’t tell stories, I don’t publish stories And while someone else might not care, I do, actually. If next year I come back and write this same blog again, I think that will be a very sad thing for me. So the question really is, how do I learn the lesson in my gut that I know in my head? How do I learn to rearrange my life to prioritise something important to me in five years time, rather than tomorrow or next week?

If anyone has ny brilliant tips or even just some words of encouragement, please share! 🙂

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