Writing diary – day 7

Writing diary – day 7

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Day 5 and 6 pretty much took up entirely with school work = sometimes that happens, but I do find it frustrating which is more a matter of my own habits than anything else. Writing at a et time everyday, perhaps, would make sure that it becomes a priority – I would never not be at work between 8 and 4, for example – so why can I not always be at my desk at 6.30 to write for an hour?  It’s difficult, though, fitting the time in and feeling motivated at the time.

That’s a huge problem, mostly caused by my current worries. . I’m writing a story about a replacement for Death which I think has very cool potential, and could be really interesting – but it’s not a story. It’s a scenario. For it to become a story something has to happen – something changes, or chracters are inn difficult circumstances.  I’m great at characters, and at having them in situ, but not so good at having things happen to them. Rachel Aaron in her book 2k to 10k calls it putting them in a tree and setting fire to it to see what happens. I’m good at putting my characters in the tree, but once there they’re just enjoying the view.

Where are the matches?


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