Writing diary #writingday1

Writing diary #writingday1

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I’ve had this story in mind for weeks. Months, even. It’s not really a big story. It’s a short story – ideal for any one of a number of competitions or magazine submissions that are coming up in the next few weeks. Maybe a few thousand words if I start in the right place.

If I get started at all.

I’ve started writing time after time – just like I’ve done with any of the novels sitting unfinished on my hard drive. But after literally thousands of words,  I throw it all out and start again.

So why do I have such trouble at the beginning?

I think a huge part of it is trying to find The Voice The right tone for the novel, the decision on how descriptive it is, or whether it’s first or third person, past or present tense. I have all permutations and variations. I have a story. That’s the other thing – I have a story here. I have a great character, someone fascinating, I have a scenario and a series of events that come from that. What I don’t have is a voice.

But I think the lack of voice comes from missing something else – I was reading the Mslexia writer’s diary pages about getting a first draft on paper, using the Michaelangelo (?) analogy of the statue being already encased in marble – but takes a hell of a lot of chipping out to get at it – , and Jennie Nash’s page, and I think the problem is more than the voice. It’s that I don’t know where the heart of the story is.

Maybe when I figure that our, it’ll go further.

What do you think?

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