Writing diary #writingday2

Writing diary #writingday2

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I wrote about 500 words, which is generally very good – especially on a words per minute basis -and it’s probably coming towards the end of the story.


Because I’m not quite sure where it ends. This is my far more common problem – I like the idea of planning a novel, really planning it so that you know what’s going to happen all the way through. But I find it virtually impossible to work like that in practice.

I’ve tried both ways – plotting the entire thing and just getting started and seeing what happens – and I think I need some halfway approach. Like starting, and then being ok with missing bits out or writing heroine has to get to the mountain somehow! – and then moving onto the bit that I DO know. Maybe something more like a fill in the blanks approach to writing the second draft.

Why do I like the plotting approach?
Partly, it’s to do with both speed and actually finishing something – I have so many half projects that not finishing things has become incredibly frustrating and disheartening. So the idea of having a finished plot appeals because at least you know it’s going somewhere. plus in theory it should be faster to write because you know where you’re going. But I find writing that a little less exciting (which is also something I need to work on when it comes to editing!) and I find that I have just as much trouble, really, getting to a finished plot even in outline there are still huge holes.

So maybe I just need to accept I’m not at the planning is awesome stage – maybe I need to throw down a first draft – carve out a massive chunk of rock, to use yesterday’s metaphor – and then start chipping and whittling away until I find something worth shaping.


How do you get past the plot/no plot problem?

What do you think?

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