Writing diary #writingday3

Writing diary #writingday3

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200 words written today. Quick, but achingly slow at the same time. The actual process of writing the words is fast enough – maybe even just a few minutes sometimes – but the process of getting started can be terrible, trying to finally get down to it and stop wondering about new cars or getting the washing done, or having tea, or any of the other seemingly more important things that take up so much time but don’t actually, at the end of the night, seem that important after all.


  1. Graham

    Hi, Charlotte!
    I’m doing an atypically quiet cover lesson and thought I’d ‘google’ you. Why did I use inverted commea? Maybe it’s a verb in its own right, now.
    Hope all’s very well with life and at SGHS. I miss the place – still – and think of my weeks there with warmth and fondness.
    Best wishes, Graham

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