Writing ideas: magical potions

Writing ideas: magical potions

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Write about a potion. Think Alice in Wonderland’s “eat me”, “drink me”, shifting size and shape, changing herself to get through the door into Wonderland. Think about Jekyll and Hyde, the potion transforming the man into the pure evil monstrous desires within. Think about the wicked stepmother’s poisoning the apples that Snow White will buy from her. Think magical, mystical and strange. Who makes the potions? Is it Snape, toiling away in a tiny cupboard then teaching someone how to create magic in a bottle? Or the Big Friendly Giant collecting dreams in a glass jar?

Or, think of the everyday potions and lotions that cover our desks and dressing tables, the perfumes and makeups and body lotions that transform us into something other when we look into the mirror. You could describe the way that they look or the story that they provoke.

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