Macbeth (Wide margin edition)

Macbeth wide margin edition

One of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, ‘Macbeth’ depicts the psychological disturbances caused by the unrelenting quest for power. Following a seemingly chance encounter with a trio of witches, Macbeth and his wife begin plotting how they can fulfil the prophecies of greatness the witches promise. A trail of deceit, betrayal and murder follows. With some of Shakespeare’s most dramatic moments and most impressive writing, ‘Macbeth’ is a GCSE and A-Level staple. This edition features extra-wide margins to ensure there’s plenty of space for annotating the text as you study. Includes guidance on how to annotate a play and what to look for, as well as a glossary of literary terminology.

AQA Poetry Anthology Love and Relationships: Model Essays and Guide Grades 9-1

Love relationships poetry essays cover

This guide to the AQA Poetry Anthology (Love and Relationships) walks you step-by-step through the exam to help you get the skills and knowledge you need to get the top grades.

The first section demystifies the exam, with detailed exploration of what the mark-scheme really means, and how to get there. It includes ways to approach poetry, how to work out what poets are trying to say, and the techniques they use in their writing. You'll read tips on how to revise, and what to revise.

The second section looks at academic writing – how to sound like you know exactly what you're talking about. With practical guidance, examples and helpful tips, you'll be writing like a top-grade candidate in no time! Finally, there's a series of model essays for every poem in the anthology, packed with analysis of language, structure, and form. These apply the writing and planning skills explored earlier, putting the guidance into practice.

This book also includes:

  • Practical revision tasks to keep on track
  • Quick tests to check your progress
  • Glossaries of literary and interpretive vocabulary

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Wide margin edition)

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Stevenson's classic tale of macabre invention and man’s experimentation with science he can’t control. This story explores the duality of man, and the battle we all face with our inner demons. This edition has extra-wide margins for annotations, ideal for students who want space for the best possible interpretations for their exams or teachers to make sure they're covering everything their students need to know.

Startling Sci-Fi


Featured in:

For generations, the science fiction genre and literary fiction have been perceived as irreconcilable. Startling Sci-Fi: New Tales of the Beyond attempts to prove otherwise. These 13 stories are boldly literary while employing unmistakable characteristics of the sci-fi genre. Jhon Sanchez’s “The Japanese Rice Cooker” and Daniel Gooding’s “Crow Magnum Xix” toy with readers’ expectations by defying traditional storytelling techniques while Eve Fisher’s “Embraced” and David W. Landrum’s “The Priestesses of Light” are intricately constructed character studies. Rob Hartzell’s “The Dead and Eternal” raises profound concerns about modern technology though Adam Sass’s “98% Graves” takes an optimistic view of the future. Every story is accompanied by Stefanie Masciandaro’s vibrant, hypnotic illustrations which simultaneously evoke the days of sci-fi pulp paperbacks yet remain firmly grounded in 21st century digital techniques. This anthology will take you beyond what you thought possible in science fiction.

The Sign of the Four (Wide Margin Edition)

Sign of Four cover

The Sign of the Four is the second book to feature the detective Sherlock Holmes. Told by his associate, John H. Watson, the case is a complex one taking in the Indian Rebellion, the British Army, and a secret pact between convicts and prison-guards. It introduces crucial details of the enduring Holmes myth, including his cocaine habit, and the character of Mary Morstan.


This edition has extra-wide margins for annotations, ideal for students who want space for the best possible interpretations for their exams or teachers to make sure they're covering everything their students need to know.

Christina Rossetti: Selected Poems Revision Guide

Rossetti Revision Guide cover

Revised December 2018

Complete revision guide for Christina Rossetti's Selected Poems for the OCR AS and A Level specification. 91 pages including:For each poem:

  • The full text of each poem
  • Complete interpretive analysis of themes and ideas
  • Comprehensive analysis of language, structure and verse form
  • Context of the poem
  • Critical viewpoints
  • Connections across the collection
  • Key social and historical contexts, and how to apply it to the poems
  • Assessment objectives and how to meet them
  • Glossary of relevant literary terms

Contains detailed analysis for: A Birthday; Echo; From the Antique; Goblin Market; Good Friday; In the Round Tower at Jhansi; Maude Clare; No Thank You John; Remember; Shut Out; Soeur Louise de la Misericorde; Song: When I am Dead; Twice; Uphill; Winter: My Secret.