Revise AQA GCSE (9-1) English Language Revision Workbook

Language Revision Workbook

Our Revision Workbooks are designed to help you develop vital skills throughout the course in preparation for the exam with:

  • One-to-one page match with the AQA GCSE English Language Revision Guide so you can find the practice you need quickly and easily
  • 'Putting it into practice' pages correspond to the Revision Guide pages with exam-style questions and text references.
  • Loads of practice questions in the style of the new exams, with their own set of accompanying texts
  • Guided support and hints provide additional scaffolding and help avoid common pitfalls
  • A full set of practice papers written to match the new specification exactly

GCSE Love and Relationships AQA Poetry flashcards for revision

Love and Relationships flashcards

Includes a double-sided printable flashcard for all the Love and Relationships cluser, to help students revise for the GCSE exam. Each flashcard includes:

  • language, structure and form explained
  • context of the poem and why it matters
  • key quotes, with analysis of language techniques
  • key relevant literary terminology
  • explanation of key quotations
  • which poems to compare together

Frankenstein (wide margin edition)

Frankenstein cover

A common text for GCSE and A-Level, this edition has TONS of space for student annotations as they study the play, with wide margins on every page. This is the 1831 edition used by exam boards. Mary Shelley’s gothic tale of horror, madness, and man’s desire to push the boundaries of science. Written in 1818, on the storm-washed shores of Lake Geneva in response to a ghost story competition with Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, Frankenstein was revised in 1831. Victor Frankenstein, gifted and driven young scientist, pushes all boundaries of religion and science to create a being. Once achieved, he realises the depths of his transgression and abandons the creation – who follows him, determined to reunite with his creator. Contemporary reviewers claimed “There never was a wilder story imagined,“ and as one of the first sci-fi novels, Frankenstein has given birth to the common cultural ideas of the mad scientist, the quest for knowledge at all costs even to oneself, the question of a creator’s responsibility to the created. Shelley explores the bounds of her known science and its relationship to religion.

A Christmas Carol (wide margin edition)

A Christmas Carol Wide Margin Cover

Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' has long since filtered into the cultural consciousness as a morality tale of redemption and forgiveness. The original story includes many details omitted by film and television adaptations, as Dickens delves deeper into his character's psyche and explores what it really is to deserve- and be granted - forgiveness. Visited by three spirits reminding him of his earlier cruelties to mankind, Scrooge must come to terms with his past and understand the errors of his ways. This edition has extra-wide margins for annotations, ideal for students who want space for the best possible interpretations for their exams or teachers to make sure they're covering everything their students need to know.

Macbeth (Wide margin edition)

Macbeth wide margin edition

One of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, ‘Macbeth’ depicts the psychological disturbances caused by the unrelenting quest for power. Following a seemingly chance encounter with a trio of witches, Macbeth and his wife begin plotting how they can fulfil the prophecies of greatness the witches promise. A trail of deceit, betrayal and murder follows. With some of Shakespeare’s most dramatic moments and most impressive writing, ‘Macbeth’ is a GCSE and A-Level staple. This edition features extra-wide margins to ensure there’s plenty of space for annotating the text as you study. Includes guidance on how to annotate a play and what to look for, as well as a glossary of literary terminology.

AQA Poetry Anthology Love and Relationships: Model Essays and Guide Grades 9-1

Love relationships poetry essays cover

This guide to the AQA Poetry Anthology (Love and Relationships) walks you step-by-step through the exam to help you get the skills and knowledge you need to get the top grades.

The first section demystifies the exam, with detailed exploration of what the mark-scheme really means, and how to get there. It includes ways to approach poetry, how to work out what poets are trying to say, and the techniques they use in their writing. You'll read tips on how to revise, and what to revise.

The second section looks at academic writing – how to sound like you know exactly what you're talking about. With practical guidance, examples and helpful tips, you'll be writing like a top-grade candidate in no time! Finally, there's a series of model essays for every poem in the anthology, packed with analysis of language, structure, and form. These apply the writing and planning skills explored earlier, putting the guidance into practice.

This book also includes:

  • Practical revision tasks to keep on track
  • Quick tests to check your progress
  • Glossaries of literary and interpretive vocabulary