Frankenstein (wide margin edition)

Frankenstein coverTitle: Frankenstein (wide margin edition)

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A common text for GCSE and A-Level, this edition has TONS of space for student annotations as they study the play, with wide margins on every page. This is the 1831 edition used by exam boards. Mary Shelley’s gothic tale of horror, madness, and man’s desire to push the boundaries of science. Written in 1818, on the storm-washed shores of Lake Geneva in response to a ghost story competition with Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, Frankenstein was revised in 1831. Victor Frankenstein, gifted and driven young scientist, pushes all boundaries of religion and science to create a being. Once achieved, he realises the depths of his transgression and abandons the creation – who follows him, determined to reunite with his creator. Contemporary reviewers claimed “There never was a wilder story imagined,“ and as one of the first sci-fi novels, Frankenstein has given birth to the common cultural ideas of the mad scientist, the quest for knowledge at all costs even to oneself, the question of a creator’s responsibility to the created. Shelley explores the bounds of her known science and its relationship to religion.