#100happydays Day 1-garden sunshine

Reading Time: < 1 minute The spring has definitely come back and may even be whispering about the thoughts of summer! I love our new garden; it’s definitely what you’d call “mature” and looks really well organised and planned – originally! The blossom from the trees has pretty much gone now, but it’s gorgeously green and lush at the moment….and growing a little too out of control! It needs some tlc, and then will look absolutely fab.    

There and back again….

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not an original title, I grant you. But fairly true nonetheless. I have been here before. I have returned. January’s always a funny time of year. It’s a time when people at work are saying no to cakes (highly unusual, doesn’t last) and when there are more runners on the streets as I drive home. It’s when all the adverts are about weight loss, debt reduction, and end-of-season furniture sales. A time to make resolutions and have, in the next breath, someone tell you that they don’t make them because nobody ever keeps to them – as though the possible …