12 into 13: headspinning review

Reading Time: 5 minutes I hope that, when I look back over my writing career, I recognise 2012 as an important year. I think quite a bit has changed in the way I approach writing, and it’s starting, in small ways, to pay off. If you’d asked me, I’d have always said I wanted to write – but anyone can say that they want to write a book. In fact, I’ve got four half-novels and a dozen quarter-short stories on my hard drive, but very little actual finished work. During 2012, though, I have finished three short stories, self-published, on kindle, one previously written, and …

Locked In

Reading Time: < 1 minute Just one of the research materials for the story I’m currently working on! It seems like a horrifying idea – that you can be completely conscious, even feeling whatever is going on, and yet not be able to communicate or move in any way. Everything you did would be at the whim of someone else, who might not even believe that you were able to hear or see them. Woman’s recovery from ‘locked-in’ syndrome