Gathering ideas 2: Earth Songs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Staring back at the world it seems remarkable that this is mankind’s crowning achievement. While other species scrabble in the dirt, living from biological impulse to biological impulse, we turned our attention to mastering first the earth around us and then the skies above us. We’re so used to seeing it from this distance, the pictures broadcast from satellites and the space stations, that we have known what our planet looks like. We have seen the lights clustering like swarming fireflies, storms gather, fires rage. From over two hundred miles away our astronauts sent back instantaneous photographs as if they …

Gathering ideas – Earth Songs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sing me a song. A song of beauty and starlight, a song that echoes through the universe and bounces off the stars, a song that haunts the shadows of the forests and revels in the midnight heat of the deserts. sing to me of the eternity of the mountains, the fleeting life of the dragonfly – is it endless to the creature in its midst? If we feel the mountains last for ever, are we as mountains to the mayfly that flits above the water for but a day? Sing me a melody of the water gushing from the earth, rustling, rattling, gurgling, …

Poem: Underlying

Reading Time: < 1 minute Am I in it? He leans over to see what castles of air I’m creating today. No. I push him out of the way and return to my sorceress deep in the forest, searching her way back to hope through the black branches scratched on my page. You are not. Why would you be? You are here. You are not there. He goes back to his game. Words spill like scattered coins, rolling to their rest Connect the dots to create a plot Draw ideas together, chop adjectives with ruthless abandon A mason, I chip, reshape, polish, refine. A reflection …

Free short: The Painted Man

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Free short: The Painted Man

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This is part of my bid to clear my hard drive of fragments, snippets, and half-finished ideas – completing them and publishing them! What do you think? Would love to hear comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Writing: rewriting when you’re finished

Reading Time: 2 minutes I posted a few days ago that I was on the last 10% of my current story, about the Chronology Protection agents Ruaina and Jefferson. It may actually be the last 20%….. Re-reading is always tough, always the bit I struggle with the most. Reading something as a reader is difficult but essential when you’re aiming to get them the best reader experience that you possibly can. A nice trick I’ve been using is to read on my kindle – getting away from the laptop screen makes it that little bit easier to see it as a story, rather than …

The last 10%

Reading Time: 4 minutes I don’t remember where I first heard that the last 10% of any project is the hardest, but I have absolutely come to believe it is the most important. The first 90% of a project might feel difficult, but that’s the creation section. It’s when you sit down to write and edit your story, it’s when you develop an iOS game, it’s when you build a piece of furniture, it’s when you write the draft of your essay or learn how to play a piece of music. Get the 90% right and you’ll have done a decent job. The last …